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Lindsay and I were in Athens, Georgia back in February for an a cappella tournament that she produces. We arrived a day early in order to see the Beatles cover band Abbey Road Live. If you don’t open your eyes, it’s very similar to listening to The Beatles. However, if you open your eyes you’ll find a John Lennon who looks like he might enjoy cocaine a bit too much, and a Paul McCartney that looks bored. I couldn’t really see Ringo and George.

Before we made our way into the Georgia Theater for our musical fix, we wandered around Athens looking for a place to eat. We landed at Amici Café, a local chain with several locations in Georgia. It’s a clean looking restaurant with exposed brick walls, long wooden bar, and a modern hip vibe. I liked it from looking in the front window (Plus, Lindsay and I had wondered the streets for 45 mins looking for an inexpensive, but fun watering hole with tasty food. Thank god we found this place when we did, or we might have missed the Fab Four).

The restaurant was packed but service was pretty rock solid. I don’t remember our waitress’ name but she was cute and that’s really important to me! No one likes to have their meal interrupted by ugly people…am I right? (I’m kidding, I think). Lindsay and I ordered up some tasty Stella beers and an order of some fantastic cheese garlic bread – the specialty appetizer. It was soft in the middle, crunchy on the outside and covered in several gooey cheeses. It was awesome. The marinara sauce that went with it was sweet and heavy with parmesan cheese. I believe we got three rounds of Stella’s, which helped to wash down our tasty pizza pie. We got a white pie with extra feta cheese and tomatoes (quick side question: Do you know anyone that pronounces feta cheese as “fayta” cheese? I do and it’s sorta odd because she’s a very attractive, educated woman that blogs VERY well).

The pizza was delicious! We ate the whole thing and wished that we had more people to share with so we could sample other menu items.

If you’re ever in Athens and want a fun, quick spot to grab a great slice of pizza and a beer, I’d vouch for Amici-Café. They have a pretty good selection of beers on tap, too, and from what I’ve seen on their website they’ve also got great wings. Check them out on the interwebz: www.amici-café.com

Happy Traveling & Happy Eating

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