Health Kick Cooking Poll

So, you know that I’m working at a suhweet interdisciplinary practice where we help medically compromised kids and their families make awesome life choices, yes?IMG_0760

Well, I am.  Interning, which means working for free!  It’s totes sweet.  The work.  Not the lack of payment. 

One of the things I’m doing is the cooking class because, um, that makes sense.  I have WAY too many ideas on what to show at the first class, so I need your help:

We’re looking for simple, healthy, cheap, easy versions of foods that people love but aren’t always healthy.  No weird ingredients, easy to understand recipes, that kind of thing.  The point is to demonstrate that ANYONE can cook healthful foods at home, not make this frustrating or scary to folks. IMG_0558

So tell me.  Of the following, what would you like to learn to cook if you were in their shoes?


I’d appreciate the feedback, and feel free to offer suggestions for what would or wouldn’t work based on your experiences.  Got any other ideas?  Shout them out below!IMG_0178



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