B5210 {health kick secret code}

So, yesterday I asked y’all what you thought I should teach my families tomorrow night about healthy cooking.  Thanks for the opinions, and thanks ESPECIALLY to those of you who suggested new recipes for me to try out!  I’ll definitely be using some of those in the future. IMG_9788

I want to tell you a little bit more about my internship, mainly because it’s great and I love it.  I’m a counseling intern, but I get to do nutrition visits, therapy, cooking classes, and some marketing when the need is there!  It’s perfect for me because, if you’ve been reading for 5 second you know, I like to do a lot of different things all the time. Bake until crispy and golden then flip

So.  At the practice we try to give simple baby steps to working towards a healthy lifestyle.  We of course have health goals for patients that include weight loss and calorie consumption, but we RARELY discuss those things with patients.  Instead, we give them simple guidelines to follow each day with the idea that if the guidelines are followed, other things will fall naturally into place. 

The guidelines for daily life are as follows:  B5210.  

B is for BREAKFAST!  Gotta eat it.  I’m terrible about it, and when I don’t eat breakfast here’s what happens:  I’m famished by 10:30 and justify eating a thousand-calorie lunch because I should be allowed to eat two meals since I didn’t eat breakfast, right?  Wrong.  We know that even a small breakfast kick starts the metabolism and makes you feel full throughout the day, so I’m trying hard to do SOMETHING even if it’s just a glass of bottled green smoothie (I like Bolthouse Farms, but check sugar and calorie count on some of the thicker versions) before I run out the door.  Much to Jay’s chagrin, I’m asking him to do the same.  See also: this breakfast that we love.  IMG_7929

5 fruits and vegetables per day is our next goal.  This one is especially hard, and one that I do feel is met easier when I do carrot juice or green juice first thing in the morning.  Even if you think you eat a lot of veggies, start counting:  a serving of fruits and veggies is about 1/2 cup cooked or 1 cup raw, or a piece of fruit.  And you need 5.  Varied preferably, and not starchy.  Working on it.  Add rosemary and salt and zest over veggies

2 is more of a kid thing, but we ask for no more than 2 hours of recreational screen time per day.  This is computer, TV, iPad, phone, WHATEVER keeps you sitting and consuming media instead of movin’ yo bod.  As adults we sadly get a TON of work-related screen time, so we frankly need to monitor the amount of time we sit per day even more.  Damn internet. 

1!  1 hour of physical activity DAILY.  This doesn’t mean a high-intensity body combat every day of your life, but SOMETHING.  When I’m not teaching yoga or walking the dogs there are some days where I really hardly move at all.  Then we have some days, like today, where I’ll end up with 3 hours of physical activity.  In reality, it doesn’t “even out” like we wish it would.  The body needs to have even cycles, and keeping motion something that it comes to expect, like breakfast, keeps metabolism high, sleep patterns good, all the happy sunshiny things we want for our bodies.  Pasta setup

0.  No sugary drinks.  None.  Zero.  I’m in luck in that I drink unsweetened tea, water, and diet dark sodas (I know, bad for me in other ways) throughout the day.  I pretend that wine and beer don’t have sugar, and I WIN THIS ONE.  

Whatever, I’m a work in progress.  

So that’s where we start with our kiddos.  We don’t ask them to do all of this, but we ask that they start SOMEWHERE with this list and make it a goal to be doing most of these things each day by the time the program ends.  What we end up with is systemic change within families instead of a diet that ends and then results in reverting back to old habits.  Entire appetizer

It’s a good list, and one I’m trying to do better about adhering to.  IMG_0611

I’m working on B5210, Matthew McConaughey (had to google the spelling) claims to only attempt to sweat once a day (riiiight), everyone has their little things.  What do you do to stay feeling good?  I don’t care about weight or looks.  Just doing good things for your body.  Tell me, tell me!



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