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Five for Friday

Open Pomegranate


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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Welp, thank you for those of you who responded yesterday to my query for healthy desserts – it got my brain thinking!  IMG_4454

Healthy desserts are kind of….dumb…you know?  I get that yogurt and fruit is a great option but, frankly, I’d rather not have any dessert at all.  When I have dessert I usually kind of go for it, and fruit is GREAT and I love it, but I wouldn’t call it a replacement for chocolate or any of the other nonsense we find this time of year on our tables.  

That being said, sometimes holiday meals are such a carbfest and you still want something sweet, and I actually think that this is the perfect compromise:  we have our chocolate with fruit, which is basically a vegetable, and kale is a vegetable, so this is basically a health food.  

I know, I know.  

The even better thing about these is that they take MINUTES to make and involve 3 ingredients, and one of the ingredients is sprinkles, which you can obviously skip.  … 

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Help! The Desserts Edition

Help!  P-2011+-+Christmas+Santa+going+down+the+chimney

I have to teach a cooking class tomorrow on healthy desserts for Christmas.  We’re going to talk a lot about enjoying what you already love but in moderation, BUT do you have any fav desserts that are lighter than, say, pecan pie, or have any tips and tricks like “for whatever reason this cheese is a healthier choice than that cheese?”  

Seriously.  Help please.  

Easy Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu

Like….really easy.  IMG_4145

Like…3 ingredients plus some olive oil easy.  

Like…it’s the holidays and it’s all about 3 ingredient dinners plus a salad or dinner simply just doesn’t happen, ya know?  

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.  And also like I never want to see another meatball in my life.  

But this dinner!  It’s amazing, really quick, has all the same ham/swiss/chicken flavors that we know and love about Cordon Bleu, BUT  nothing is fried because ain’t nobody got time or patience or energy or calories for that.  Pan-sear that ish.  


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