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#tbt Thanksgiving Planning {part 2}



Or, like, the day to celebrate how thankful we are for the life we live and the people we have in it.  

Also until Jay’s birthday.  

One week to go until all of that.  

So we need to keep planning our food.  Last week’s list was pretty good, but here are some of my other fav ideas for the big meal next week!


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Spicy Creamy Green Beans

Another recipe for Thanksgiving!  IMG_8140

The one I told you about last week that we’ve been making a ton.  It happened totally by accident, I buy the really thin haricots vert at Trader Joe’s at least every other week, and one night they were the veg of choice to go with whatever carb and protein of choice were happening.  I knew I wanted to add something pickly with something creamy because I think those two things just contrast so well and make boring side dishes exciting.  IMG_8150

And these are, like, totes exciting for green beans.  

I use pickled cherry peppers from TJ’s too, but any kind of pickly pepper that you like will work great! Smoked paprika adds a ton of flavor almost in a grilled or bacon-y way, and I’ve never had anyone, even vegetarians, complain that things taste kind of like bacon.  It’s a really great spice to keep on hand to meat-up meat-free dishes!  


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Family, in Pictures

On Saturday two of my best friends threw me  a baby shower (it feels selfish to say that like…they threw the baby a shower and I’m just her representative) and it was lovely and wonderful and I’m going to tell you all about it.  The party was in our neighborhood, so before we headed over my sisters and mom came over to take some pictures because 1. we didn’t at the beach this year, 2. we were all showered and looked pretty good and 3. we won’t all be together at Thanksgiving, which is when we usually have this ritual of kind of fighting about pictures but then being really happy we took some.  IMG_8278

It’s always kind of a process.  


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Slow Cooker Chicken Chowder

Ok so here’s what you need to make this week. IMG_8228

And next week. IMG_8227

And every week until it gets warm again because 1. it’s easy, 2. it’s delicious, and 3. cheese.  

This was actually inspired by my friend Nathan, who sent me a message one morning and was all “do you have a recipe for chicken chowder?” and I was all “I didn’t know that was a thing.”  And then I proceeded to rattle off what I WOULD do if I was making chicken chowder in a slow cooker, had I known that was a thing.  

And then I thought about it all week and MADE IT and it turned out way better than I ever could have expected.  I just kind of went with a standard broth-based-but-with-dairy version of chowder with chicken instead of any kind of seafood.  I used SUPER simple ingredients because this time of year I feel like the fancy stuff has to be reserved for parties and gifts and holidays, and the rest of the time you really need simple things that are balanced and comforting and EASY.  

Enter the slow cooker.  And cheese.  

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Five for Friday

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#tbt Thanksgiving Planning {part 1}

OMG there are 2 weeks until Thanksgiving.  TWO WEEKS.   Jay turns 35 on Thanksgiving this year, so we’re forgoing turkey and just eating cake all day.   Not really.  BUT, 2 weeks out is definitely not too early to start planning for a big meal, right?  In our family my dad makes turkey and… 

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Pregnancy Right Now – Week 35

We have arrived at the total downhill mark of things.  After 30 weeks it felt kind of like an uphill battle to get to 35 without being so terribly all the time impatient, but NOW.  Now we can say that, if full-term ends up being a thing, we will have our baby in 2 to… 

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Pumpkin Risotto with Roasted Apples and Fennel {vegetarian}

So, if you’re totally not into pumpkin and were kind of let down at the last pumpkin recipe we did, I’m really sorry.   This may produce the same effect.   BUT, if you’re OK with trusting me that this pumpkin flavor is super duper mild and adding pumpkin to your food is healthy and… 

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A Conversation With Baby and Jay

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