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Easy Beef Kebabs

Or Kofta or approximately one million names that describe the ground beef dishes that are prevalent in Greek, Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern, and North African cooking.  Seriously.  Those peeps have it GOING ON with ground beef.  Sometimes on sticks, sometimes not.  I saw some food show that said the word kebab doesn’t have to involve a stick, and I was all YES because the idea of molding ground meat around a stick and cooking it and hoping it didn’t fall off OR cooking ground meat and sticking a stick in later both sounded ridiculously annoying.  IMG_7126

Because you don’t eat the stick, so it’s a waste of my damn time.  

So here we have an “easy,” read: fusion that probably is nothing authentic from any of the above-mentioned locations, version of kebabs.  Ground meat seasoned with tons of stuff, molded to essentially make little meatloaves and roasted until browned and sexy.  

Side note:  You could totally use lamb for these if you wanted to.  

For serving, we have dinner or appetizer options, and why not?  As dinner, couscous, yogurt, and raw veg are lovely with these, as an app you could make actual meatballs instead of the kebab shape, and you COULD DEFINITELY TOTALLY SHOULD stuff this in a pita with shredded for lunch.  So basically we have a delicious way to prepare ground beef that you can then eat 7 times a day in different applications.  

Let’s roll with it.  


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Five for Friday



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Pregnancy Right Now – Favorites

It’s time for a list of products that are making me happy. 11039047_10100596563339263_2452808717612327569_n

Note that I didn’t say necessary, or life easier or better, just happy.  

I think that’s kind of key when you’re dealing with pregnancy hormones and depression and mood swings.  Just happiness.  There’s a lot to be excited about, and a lot to look forward to, but of course that is coupled with anxiety and worry and gross stuff.  #vaginalmucous

So, happy.  

Here are some things that I’ve found to be useful!  And….some things that are not so much.  


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An Update on Jay + That Leg

Jay went back to work yesterday!  FullSizeRender

Last Saturday marked 3 weeks since the day Jay broke his leg, had surgery, got a rod and 3 screws, and effectively stole my pregnancy thunder.  

Just kidding.  He’s doing GREAT, and I feel like I’m raising a 34-year old every time he hits a new milestone.  


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Marinated Grilled Chicken Croissant + Chipotle Mayo

Monday, go eff yourself.   Amirite? Jay is having his first day back at work today, and he’s READY.  He’s been working from home for 2 weeks, and the week before that was working at being a bump on a log and not screaming from pain too much.  We’re beginning week 4 post-op, and he’s… 

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Five for Friday

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Goat Cheese Squash Turnovers

aka Hot Pockets for adults.   HOT POCKETS.  Filled with glorious vegetarian ingredients and tangy and sweet flavors with fresh herbs in puff pastry. I mean, come on.  I’m all about stuffing anything into pastry and calling it a balanced meal, and isn’t that what a hot pocket is, anyway?  This, however, is actually healthy on… 

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Pregnancy Right Now – 22 Weeks

Well, now that we have our genitalia firmly in place and a few names swimming around, we’re moving through the second half of pregnancy – quickly, it feels like.  And, frankly, I hope it continues in that fashion.  I’m happy to give this kid as much time as she needs in the belly, but pregnancy… 

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2 Years Together

Dear Jay, You’re on the couch right now.  You’re always on the couch.   I hate it for you, and I know that you hate it about 9,737 more times than I do.   The thing is, though, if you look back just 16 days to when your ankle was dangling at your shin you’ll… 

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