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Well, Now I’ll Never Be A Leg Model {part 1}

Oh yes, there are multiple parts to a story about leg modeling.  FullSizeRender

And by that I of course mean Jay Broke His Leg in 2 Places And Now We’re In 2 Different Cities Trying To Not Fail At Life And Also Recover At The Same Time On The Busiest Week Of Our Lives.  

Let’s get some history first before we start down this long road together.  As a child, Jay broke his right leg twice, in VERY short succession.  He had the cast off for 1 day, did something dumb, and was right back in the OR.  So now we know that.  

Then, last weekend!  We headed down to Sullivan’s Island for a beach weekend with Jay’s family.  Then, the plan was to come back to work this week and go BACK to the beach next weekend for an entire week with my family.  Our families rent the same beach house and this year the weeks happened to be back to back.  That’s key to this story later.  

So, on Saturday we woke up and walked on the beach, which is my favorite thing to do almost in the entire world.  Then, the family got ready to head to the marina where we’d rented a boat for the entire day.  The entire day!  On a boat!  With 9 family members and 2 kids!  Besides obvious family drama jokes everyone was excited and the plan was to boat around the waterway, have lunch on the water, stop at a beach to play, and head home where Jay and I would make fish tacos for dinner.  


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Five for Friday


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Blueberry Coffee Cake

So, we all know I don’t bake because it takes time and that I don’t eat a lot of sweets.  IMG_7008

Until I got pregnant.  

In the first trimester, some of the only things I could stomach were fruit, I think maybe because I was all of a sudden thirsty and a person can only drink so much water?  And then in the second trimester the appetite is RIDICULOUS, and to get through the night I usually have 2 servings of dinner, dessert, and THEN fruit.  I’m not kidding.  Almost every single night unless dinner is a burger or something huge.  On nights I don’t I wake up famished at 3am and one night I almost whacked Jay awake to make him go get me OJ so I didn’t pass out going to the bathroom.  This kid is a leech.  And also I’m very dramatic when half asleep and have to pee while hungry.  

See also:  gestational diabetes.  

But anyway.  I figure since I’m going to be consuming ALL THE DESSERT that I should start making more of it myself for health and fiscal reasons, and it’s summer and fruity desserts are so this month so….here we go.  PW’s Coffee Cake, which is delicious and fattening, which I think is OK.  


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Jay’s Opinion on Pregnancy, in Quotes

Well.  After 19 weeks we’ve got quite a little list going of all the things that are surprising to Jay about pregnancy and impending parenthood, but mostly he just comes up with the most ridiculous things to say.  I would also like you to know that the following picture was taken on the exam table at our very first midwife visit with his legs in the air as if there were stirrups, which there weren’t.  photo 5

When I got to around 13 weeks and we started telling people we had to go through the list of places where I work, and one of them was the yoga studio where I work and Jay practices several times a week.  We only “told” one or two people, but of course those people would talk to Jay or me and people would overhear and every class we attended for the first few weeks felt like we were “telling” new people.  When my friend Julia heard she looked at Jay with what can only be described as disgust and just said 

you dog.  

Now, if you know Julia you know that she’s really quiet, amazingly fit and can stand on her head all the live-long day if asked to, and generally says hi and bye to and from class.  She’s very nice, but doesn’t chat a ton.  For some reason, her reaction was hilarious to me.  


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Breakfast Grilled Cheese

….that you can, like, totally, so literally eat for any meal of the day.   Jay really loves it when people say so and literally all the time.  See also: the reality show that featured the company I work for.   But let’s not talk about how kids these days are turning the country into crap.  They probably aren’t,… 

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Five for Friday

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Moroccan Spiced Steak + Chimichurri + Yogurt Sauce

We’ve talked before about how I can’t spell Moroccan to save my life, right?  Two r’s every single time and I just can’t remember the right way to save my effing life.   Anyway.  It is what it is.   Here’s dinner!  There’s a lot going on here, but you can honestly make this dinner… 

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Two Weeks From Today

So, we’re on the countdown to July 29, which is a big day.   Like this:Like Loading…


Pregnancy Recap Weeks 13-18

So, today we turn 18 weeks, this little cranberry and I.  Or it does?  Or we do together?  I have no clue.   The beginning of trimester 2 marked telling the world about bebe, which of course opened the world’s eyes to how much fun it is to give advice!   Now, I’m fully aware… 

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