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Five for Friday



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Wedge Salad + Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

Last weekend we took Jay’s grandmother, Nanny, dinner.  His mother and a few friends were there too, and when I asked what I should make I got the most southern answer there ever was:IMG_5304

“Well, Nanny just looooooves a wedge.”  You had to be there.  

So a wedge I made.  With a few updates, but mainly super duper classic.  I’m a big fan of a wedge salad myself, even though they’re massively overpriced in restaurants and kind of hard to eat?  Like, I like all the flavors but CUT IT UP FOR ME IF IT COSTS $8.  Seriously.  

So you could chop this beforehand and make a chopped wedge, which would be contradictory but less effort for the eaters.  


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Squash Casserole Mac and Cheese


Guys here is how recipe “development,” in the loosest sense of the word, works at this blog and in this house.  I tell Jay that it’s going to be sunny and I want to photograph something new.  He says words like THAI, BEEF, CHOCOLATE CHIPS that go together in no way at all and I veto some of them and add some to his words and then make a recipe.  I make it exactly once, then write what I did, then make adjustments based on how it turns out.  

It’s a really scientific process.  In the loosest sense of the word.  

So the other day homeboy started talking about squash casserole, which I already have on this website.  And then he went off and was like “you could do a baked pasta squash casserole thing with TOFU and CHIMICHURRI and BABY FINGERS!!!”  And I was all “squash casserole and pasta.  done.”  

And so here we are.  This isn’t a traditional mac and cheese in that there’s no creation of white sauce.  It’s almost the exact squash casserole recipe I use for holidays, which is a riff off the one and only P-Dizzle (Paula Deen for those of you aren’t up with the hip lingo), which includes mayonnaise.  This also includes mayonnaise.  I actually used mayo in a baked pasta dish YEARS ago, also a Paula recipe, and it works really great.  It doesn’t separate, stays creamy, and obviously scooping out the jarred stuff is way easier than making a milk+cheese sauce.  So let’s not be afraid of mayo in our casseroles (I promise you can’t taste it even a bit) and get. to. town.  


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Happy St. Patty’s Day!

I wore green pants yesterday by accident, AND my coworker Dave wore a green shirt.  


And here we are today wearing grey and other neutrals.  What a waste!  

But, we should definitely celebrate.  Beer, corned beef, the luck of the Irish, you know.  

With green foods!  Here are some of my favs:  


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