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My Fav Food Blogs

Ok so, as much as I love to write this blog, I REALLY love to read other food blogs.  IMG_5941

Like, really.  I love seeing how other bloggers address their recipes, stories, photos – it all ends up being similar in a way because we ARE sharing food stories, but the way other people write about their lives interwoven with the pictures they take of the food can be really inspiring.  As for me, I just kind of … have at it.  I have a general formula I use for recipes, but I don’t really plan what stories will go with them, if any at all – I usually look at the pictures, think about the recipes, and start typing.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it bores even me.  Working on it.  


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Springtime Fettuccine with Peas

So, you might have noticed that on this website we have a severe lack of recipes with little green peas.  IMG_5944

Because I’m allergic to them and also I don’t like them.  

BUT, last weekend I went away for work, and before I left I wanted to make Jay some food.  I wanted to make him something that he doesn’t get often, and I’ve been seeing recipes using fresh peas all over the place recently since it’s an ingredient that is in season.  SO, I made a big batch of this super flavorful, simple pasta.  It takes MAYBE 20 minutes to make, and has crazy flavor.  

And if you hate peas?  No worries.  You can skip them altogether or sub another green veg like chopped zucchini, asparagus tips, even some spinach stirred in right at the end!  The point is to use any veggies that you have and love, and go from there.  


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Five for Friday – From Memphis!



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Chocolate Avocado Pudding {vegan}

So, I realized recently that we haven’t done any new 1. desserts or 2. weird trials of foods that are annoyingly healthy and popular and trendy.  IMG_5902

Weirdly, I am neither exceptionally healthy, popular, or trendy.  So, there’s that.  

So, I decided it was time!  I think that pudding is such a funny kid thing to eat, and I’ll admit that every once in awhile I buy pudding cups – usually sugar free or the fancy grown up mousse stuff, but STILL.  Pudding cups.  Probably not necessary to be spending money on, OR good for the environment.  The use of avocado as a base for pudding has been around for years, and so I Googled and found a recipe from a blog I love, Two Peas and Their Pod.  Mainly I love the title?  Besides the pictures being way better than mine (sigh, I’m a work in progress), the recipe was easy and featured all ingredients that I had at home, which was good because I didn’t feel like leaving the house.  

So pudding happened!


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Happy Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day! Now, I know that rain is great for the Earth, but I for one am obsessed with the fact that it’s a zero-humidity 70-degree day in these parts.  We had a few muggy days followed by a week straight of rain, and sun just makes me happy, ya dig?   So, I’m… 

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A Weekend in NYC (Part 2: Friday Night-Sunday)

So.  Onto the second part of our NYC trip!   After our epic trek on Friday morning/afternoon, we met our friend Dan who is from Greenville but lives in Hoboken.  We met him in the city for “a” (three) drink(s), then headed on the bus to Hoboken to see his wife and two gorgeous girls…. 

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A Weekend in NYC (Part 1 – Thursday + Friday)

We’re back! We’re pooped.   Like this:Like Loading…

Hotel view

Five for Friday (from NYC!)

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This TV Show That I’m On

Ok, when I say I’m on a TV show I’m using “I’M” kind of loosely.   But what am I if not loose with words, eh?   Exactly.   Like this:Like Loading…