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On Finding Your Dharma

Today we’re talking about dharma!  Purpose!  Life’s work!  

It’s very light for a Monday.  

Or not. 

This weekend I spent lots of time in a yoga retreat, and our studio owner is all up in arms these days about figuring out why you’re here, and honing in on it with laser focus.  It’s actually something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently relating to my life and the 1,847 balls I generally keep in the air, and so the weekend came at just the most perfect time.  We mostly agree at our studio that we’d all live there together and talk about light and happiness and eat quinoa all day if we could, but we live in the real world and have families and bills and the desire to watch Gossip Girl while drinking boxed wine with our sisters, so we have to take these little moments together when we can, make the most of them, and then use the lessons we learn out in the big scary world.  

Like dharma.  


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Five for Friday



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Healthy Vegetarian Chili

Not as opposed to….unhealthy vegetarian chili.  Just…lighter?  IMG_4115

There are water-based vegetables in this dish, is what I couldn’t find a way to say in the title.  

Chili!  Vegetarian!  Cozy!  This is one of the new dishes we’ve been making a lot, featuring the Trader Joe’s Soyrizo that I told you about yesterday.  I really like the lightness because even as a vegetarian dish chili can often get really heavy and only feature beans and/or meat, ya know?  I like watery veg.  

I tried green beans in this for the first time last week, and we loved them.  If they’re too weird for you, use a bell pepper and move on, but they add a great texture that you don’t often get in chili.  Plus:  more vegetables = seconds.  

I DO use beef stock in my chili unless asked not to by clients or whatever, I love the flavor and Jay doesn’t mind eating the juice of dead animals at this point.  Please Dear God let that never change.  BUT, clearly, if you want to swap out the stock for vegetable feel free to do so!  The flavor will still be just as delicious.  


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Vegetarian Revelations so Far

WHY do I just want to type relevations?  What does that even mean?  IMG_3723

Anyway.  Jay has been a vegetarian for 6 weeks!  We determined that this morning after he got really snippy with me because he’s been telling everyone 3 months because he thinks he started on September 6 but that’s TWO months ago and really he started being a vegetarian on September 22 so….the first revelation is that vegetarians suck at counting?  

But no really.  He’s been eating zero meat save for a bite of something I’m having here and there, and has stuck really closely to shellfish in the past six weeks, which means that I’ve had to get CREATIVE with how we eat.  


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