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Refried Bean Jalapeno Poppers 2 Ways

I have nothing to say about this appetizer other than 1. Jay has decided to be a vegetarian for the past 4 days, 2. it’s time for some new football food, and 3. these take 30 minutes because I used canned refried beans.  IMG_3531


Ok actually I do have some things to say, surprise, surprise.  I made these the other night for a little Mexican fiesta I threw together for Jay’s mom and grandmother, and by threw together I mean OMG THEY CAN’T BE EARLY I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME KILL ME but then also I wanted things to be nice and pretty and festive and this app is FAST and easy, which is great for those times when you’re just too busy, amirite?  … 

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Rock the Quarry {jay’s first 5k}

So, last weekend!  Jay did his first 5k!  And lived to tell the tale!10628197_10100407344929473_4071650838901259474_n

It was super duper wonderful, and there will be an entirely separate post dedicated to the insane amount of food we ingested last weekend.  

But first, the race.  … 

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Try Not to be a Bitch When You Enter a Yoga Studio

Last night I was sitting at the front desk in my yoga studio checking people in before the evening class.  I was kind of sleepy like this picture of my dogs sleeping.  


A woman who I didn’t know came up and signed her name, then asked if the could PLEASE OH PLEASE borrow a yoga towel for free because she’d forgotten hers and had no money and PLEASE OH PLEASE.  


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Five for Friday



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