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Swiss Stuffed Sliders + Mustard Aioli

So, as promised, here’s our new burger.  IMG_6324

A Juicy Lucy!   You’ve heard of this, right?  It’s a burger with stuff inside.  I actually hate the name really strongly, so we’re just calling this a stuffed slider.  OF COURSE you can make this in a larger burger size, but why?  Cookouts always have so many sexy sides, having a huge burger sometimes takes up space in your tummy that you NEED for those.  Or for 57 beers.  Whatever, they’re light.  

So here we go:  a super simple burger stuffed with swiss on buttery toasted buns with a little mustard sauce that goes GREAT with the swiss cheese.  It’s almost French but totally not, and just a teensy bit different from a standard burger in that we eliminate the yellow cheese, bacon, and ketchup.  BUT you can totes put those back on and this burger might be even better.  OR.  What about stuffing a few slices of sauteed mushroom inside with the swiss?  Think on it.  


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Memorial Day Menu Ideas

Memorial Day weekend!  


Is in 2 days!  

We actually have a pretty tame one planned, what with some house projects and a little band show that will take up the entire weekend between the two, but I sincerely hope that YOU have more interesting plans for pool things, food things, beer things, cookouts, and maybe fireworks?  IMG_2659 

Last year we did fireworks in the street.  We are the neighbors you WANT, people.  

No matter what your plans are for the weekend, I hope that you have grand plans for some delicious food to kick off the summer.  You know, for bikini bodies and all.  


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Cheeseburger Meatballs

So, for the rest of the week, we have Memorial Day recipes.   IMG_5867

Or beginning-of-summer recipes.  

Or recipes for when you want to pretend it’s a cookout on a weekend but really it’s Tuesday and UGH Tuesday.  Where is Friday? IMG_5873

But, you know, recipes that are kind of fun and casual and DELICIOUS.  

Interestingly, both of the other recipes that I have for you this week feature ground beef because….I stink at planning?  Oh, AND.  Remember how Jay is a vegetarian?   Was a vegetarian?  Emphasis on was.  He’s been adding meat a little at a time back to his diet, and now it’s just kind of present for a lot of meals.  This wasn’t my doing, mind you, and we still eat meat-free a lot of meals, but he’s down with the ground beef every now and again too, thank goodness for the food blogger who makes 27 servings of everything no matter how few people are going to be eating it.  

You know how it goes.  

So these meatballs!  They taste like a cheeseburger sans bun, but with all the flavors you love, and with cheese inside of them, and they are SERIOUSLY delicious.  Seriously.  Also, because the toppings have such great flavor, the meatballs themselves are SUPER simple.  No egg, no breadcrumbs, no fuss.  They’re adorbs for an appetizer or even a lunch since they’re served over lettuce which basically makes this a salad.  You’re welcome!  Health food.  


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Vegetarian Enchilada Verde Soup

Soup!  In summer!  I know.  IMG_6282

BUT, there’s a reason for it.  Jay takes his lunch most days of the week, and soup just works WELL for heating things up from tupperware, doncha think?  Nothing like it.  

So this soup.  It tastes like enchiladas, has hardly any carbs, and is full of veggies but also huge flavor.  And, I use canned enchilada sauce.  Judge all you want, but that ish tastes great and has a great consistency and makes this soup super duper easy + quick.  You need it in your life!  It’s a hot food, sure, but it’s still cool in some places AND the light texture really makes this feel springish and not heavy at all.  So.  Warm-weather soup.  Its a thing.  


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Five for Friday

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Spring Onion Kale Pesto Crostini

Welcome to my new favorite thing for summer.   Which, I realize, I say all the time, but still.   This pesto is one of the other things I made for Mother’s Day last weekend, and it’s as fresh and trendy as that macaroni salad was creamy and classic and comforting.  Interestingly, they went gloriously… 

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Tom Sawyer and Company – A Review

Last night I had the pleasure of watching my sister Emily’s production of Tom Sawyer and Company, a glorious musical.  To clarify, this was her spring production, and she is an elementary music teacher.  So, the stars were 4th and 5th graders.   The show was fabulous and the children did really wonderfully.  I’ve seen… 

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Classic Macaroni Salad

I made some pasta yesterday, did you see?   Yesterday we celebrated all the mamas AND my sister Olivia who graduated from college this weekend!  It was a great celebration with tons of family and way too much champagne and great food.  The moms deferred food selection to Olivia, who said “steak and pasta salad,… 

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Five for Friday

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